It split off from Ben Franklin’s original insurance company in Philadelphia

After 1781, a tree in the front yard would have disqualified this house from getting insurance from The Philadelphia Contributionship started by Ben Franklin. The Mutual Assurance Company, which used a symbol of a green tree on its policies and fire marks, began covering homes with trees in 1784. Photo by Jim Murphy.

Philly has 4 sculptures
by Claes Oldenburg

It’s a plane. It’s a mini-garden. It’s amazing

A purposely crumpled U.S. Navy S2F Grumman Tracker sits on Lenfest Plaza next to the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA). Today, instead of hunting and attacking submarines, the aircraft helps grow healthful vegetables. Photo by Jim Murphy.

William Penn’s Wood Street Steps still attract walk-up tourists

This is the last remaining stairway along Philadelphia’s old sea wall. The stairways were ordered by William Penn to give citizens easy public access up to the waterfront. Photo by Jim Murphy.

The Swedes and William Penn
apparently got along quite well

This rare postcard depicts William Penn’s relationship to Gloria Dei (Old Swedes’) Church in Philadelphia.

Going south of Market Street

Photo by Jacob Culp on Unsplash

Historical marker for the Mason-Dixon Survey at the foot of South Street in Philadelphia.

PHILADA appears at least twice on the Liberty Bell. Photo by Carol M. Highsmith, 2013.

It’s where over 1 million
people entered the US

The Illustration: Engraving of landing place of European Steamers, and Pennsylvania Railroad Station, Philadelphia, c. 1887. Reproduced from Tariff of Immigrant Fares from Philadelphia Issued by the Immigrant Clearing House Committee, in Effect April 1st, 1887.

Jim Murphy

Jim is a writer, former magazine editor and certified tour guide in Philadelphia. His book Real Philly History, Real Fast was published in June, 2021.

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